05 September 2014

Hanover / Chelsea Loop -- August 2014

This was a nice ride!  Gloomy skies for the entire day, but it never actually rained on us.  Even though it was August, I wore arm-warmers for the entire day, and a vest during descents.  The roads were super-nice, with a fair amount of dirt, but I rode all of it with no problems on 700x25s.

Just before we rolled back into Hanover, we stopped by a store that is frequented by AT hikers.  When I hike in the Whites I always give AT hikers whatever food that I have (because I know how many calories they burn through), and that's exactly what I did here in Norwich too.  It was neat to chat with one particular AT hiker, asking him about his experiences so far on the trail.

As we crossed the border back into NH, the sun came out and it got hot.  That was the first real sun we got for the entire day.  Still, this was a great ride, with a great bunch of people, and I'm glad that we shared this little adventure!

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