18 August 2014

Some Humorous Truth About Java

I think that Java is well-designed language that comes with a very functional/useful set of class libraries.  There are a fair number of detractors of this language, but many detractors are fans of languages that aren't (in my opinion) nearly as well-designed as the Java ecosystem.

However....sometimes Java can be difficult to work with.  I suppose that every professional Java programmer has their own experiences working with Java.  For me, one of the things that I'll always remember about working with Java was the efforts I had to go through to get some non-standard security (SSL-related, but with a twist...) code to work correctly.  I ran into a lot of sub-problems.  It was almost as if the strongly-typed class-library design was telling me at many points "you can't do this ; you can't do that ; you can't do dozens of other things either.".  I was trying to do something fairly reasonable, except that in order to get things to work I had to take a fairly roundabout route.

In the end, everything worked out.  But....the picture above makes me smile...

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