18 September 2017

Kancamangus Pass, Bear Notch, Crawford Notch, Franconia Notch, Kinsman Notch

Our group rode this route in June 2017.

This was a fun ride.  I'm glad that I rode with such a great group of people too!

Kancamangus Pass was easier than I thought it would be, but, then again, my legs were still fresh.  Bear Notch was trivial going in this direction.  Crawford Notch was a bit tough.  My climbing legs were pretty much gone by the time I got to Kinsman Notch, but I got myself to the top with no issues.  We added a few miles onto the end to get over 100 miles.

I only wish I had done two things differently during this ride:

  • My legs sometimes start to cramp after mile 75 or after climbing a lot, and I brought along Nuuns tablets to use during this ride.  But...I accidentally left these in my bag in the van.  I was a bit dejected when I discovered my mistake before climbing Crawford Notch.
  • I wish I could have found something to eat at lunch that could have settled my stomach down a bit better.  Maybe more salt next time?

13 October 2016

Bumper Sticker Seen At Work

(moderately geeky)