14 July 2010

Around The Big Lake

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It was challenging and rewarding ride. Definitely the hottest and hilliest ride I've ever done.

I'm telling you right now, and I am deadly serious about this: there is nothing better than going on a challenging adventure with a great bunch of people.

Thanks go to JP for putting together such an awesome route. Thanks to R.+S. for the water and the great support. S.'s cookies were to die for and were just the right thing after that one particular hill. C. kept on talking about "frappes in Wolfboro" and the idea of this kept me pedaling enthusiastically. R. pulled the paceline into Middleton while I was hanging on the back, trying to transfer every water droplet from my nearly empty bottles into my dehydrated body. T. and I even sprinted at mile 143, but he beat me by a wheel...{sigh}.

This was a great ride!

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