17 June 2010

Dream for a Dollar

A friend of my wife's sent along the following email:
I'm sending this email to ask each of you to pass this website along to as many people as you know. As most of you know my son Travis has Muscular Dystrophy. He is in need of a new van that will get adaptive equipment from the State of Massachusetts. However the cost of the vehicle is the responsibility of the disabled driver and the state presents only two options of vehicles to choose from, a large industrial van or a Town and Country. These are the only two vehicles the State can adapt to hand controls and lower the floor. His current van is battered and bruised and in constant need of parts replacement. The State has slotted him for a new vehicle so the process has begun.

Dream for a Dollar is just that ... we are asking folks to donate a dollar. Not much. We're hoping his site will go viral and dollar donations will add up. So asking people you know to send this site out to as many people as they know will be a great help.

Please follow Travis' progress, his stories and updates on http://www.dreamforadollar.org

This seemed like a good cause to us, and we know that the need is legitimate.

If you are reading this, perhaps you'd like to donate too?

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