26 March 2010

Rodale Books == SPAMMERS

I would publicly like to thank Rodale Books (the company that produces Bicycling Magazine, Men's Health, Prevention, etc.) for spamming the crap out of me. Thanks for all of the unsolicited email, folks! Also, thanks for providing no reasonable way for me to get off of your mailing lists.

And actually, let me also thank Active.com for providing Rodale Books with my email address. I am certain that this is what happened, since I used a unique email address when I did business with Active.com.

I have a special message for the folks at Rodale Books: let me be very clear: I will never ever ever ever buy one of your books or magazines.


1 comment:

Jenny K said...

I subscribed to Women's Health two years ago and have never been able to get rid of the 2+/day spam emails from the mag and from Rodale. I click on 'unsubscribe' and still get them.

It is so frustrating, it drives me mad!