01 February 2013

Lazy Dung Beetles

The other night as I was driving home, a story about the remarkable navigation skills of dung beetles was playing on the radio:

WARRANT: They have to get away from the pile of dung as fast as they can and as efficiently as they can because the dung pile is a very, very competitive place with lots and lots of beetles all competing for the same dung. And there's very many lazy beetles that are just waiting around to steal the balls of other industrious beetles and often there are big fights in the dung piles.

I really don't know why, but when Professor Warrant, using his very Australian accent, got to the part about "lazy dung beetles", I sort-of lost it.  I laughed a lot as I listened to this story.

We live in a great world in which folks like Professor Warrant can study the lowly dung beetle, and can make interesting discoveries about their remarkable skills.

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