12 January 2012

She Moves In Mysterious Ways

So, there I was, driving to work this morning.  It was snowing, and the roads were sketchy.

I was drving at a reasonable 45mph.  Traffic on the roads was pretty light.

In my rear-view mirror I saw a pair of headlights appear.  Whoever was driving the car was traveling faster than I was -- it didn't take long for this car to catch up with me.

At the point that this car caught up with me, I had just entered a passing zone.  The new car immediately moved to the left to pass me.

I watched all of this with more than passing curiosity (ha ha ha...).  Now that this car was out in the passing lane, it was driving on the lightly-traveled lane.  Unlike the lane that I was traveling in, the passing lane was pure snow and not bare-ish pavement.  I was trying to ensure that if this car spun out, that it didn't also take me out.

The driver of the other car was really fighting to pass me.  I could see and hear the car slipping and sliding as it passed me at around 50mph.

As the car got up along side my own car, I glanced over at the car, wondering to myself "who in the hell is driving this thing?" and "are they crazy?".

So, I looked over at this car.  Subaru Sedan (OK...).  The driver?  A nun.  Full habit -- the whole bit.  She was really focused on her driving -- two hands on the wheel, at the ten and two-o-clock positions, and she was leaning forward in her seat, face near the steering wheel, peering off into the snowstorm.  She never glanced over at me.  The nun finally managed to pass me, and then she jumped back into the well-traveled lane and sped up again.  I assume that this whole incident scared her a little bit, because she didn't use the passing lane after this, despite ample opportunity to do so.  I was still two cars behind her a couple of miles later.

I would bet $100 that somewhere in her car she had a Saint Christopher statue.

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