27 September 2011

Amiga Saves the Day

Our eleven-year-old TV died yesterday.  Bummer...

This is the only TV that we had in our house, so, naturally, we started thinking about a replacement.  It seems likely that we're going to inherit one of our family member's cast-off TVs.

In the meanwhile, while we are waiting to arrange for a replacement, I decided to cobble together {something else} for us to watch TV on:

What is this?  I replaced our 11-year old, recently deceased TV with my 24 year-old Amiga monitor.  It still seems to run great!  Thank goodness for composite audio/video!  I suspect that when it comes time to replace my next TV that it won't be nearly as simple to perform this sort-of swap.

I've still got my old Amiga 1000 in a box downstairs  (I didn't need to turn it on for this exercise).  My wife grouses about my "computer museum" occasionally, but yesterday my box of computer junk turned out to be "handy".

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