23 April 2011

Excitement on Horse Corner

So, there we are climbing Horse Corner yesterday, when some dump-truck heading towards the local gravel pit takes a turn in front of us. As the truck takes the turn I think to myself "gosh, that truck is going into that turn pretty fast...".

The truck makes the turn...for the most part. Everything on the truck makes it except for the apparatus on top of dump trucks that swings back and forth -- the thingie that prevents the wind from blowing away the contents in the body. This apparatus can't take the forces involved with the turn, so the whole thing...falls apart.

So, now me and the guy who I'm riding with find ourselves climbing a steep hill, with a heavy 8-foot long steel pipe clattering down the hill straight at us. My fellow cyclist goes right into the ditch, I swing left out into the road, and the pipe clatters between us. A little way down the hill the pipe rolls off into the ditch.

The dump-truck never stops.

I guess that some rides are more memorable than others... (-:

(the attached map was nicely put together by somebody else)

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