27 July 2009

Bike snobs and genius bears, oh my!

A couple of musings, based on articles I read today.

First, when do you think that Stephen Colbert is going to take notice of Yellow-Yellow the "genius bear" and declare her to be a threat to national security?:

"She's quite talented," said Jamie Hogan, owner of BearVault, based in San Diego. "I'm an engineer, and if one genius bear can do it, sooner or later there might be two genius bears. We're trying to work on a new design that we can hopefully test on her."

I'll bet Yellow-Yellow will be breaking into nuclear storage depots next.


Next, I read this article today and it piqued my interest with one question that has been bugging me for, like, forever: why do professional/fashionable cyclists position their sunglasses OVER their helmet straps? It makes no sense to me. I can think of several times in my life when I've been traveling down the road at 20+mph, ran into a bee/wasp, and "successfully" ripped my helmet off to let my angry tenant escape. So, my question is this: is it fashionable to rip off your helmet and destroy your sunglasses, all to save a bumblebee? Terminally un-cool cyclists like myself want to know know the answers to important questions like these.

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