21 January 2009

Mad Marble Madness Skillz

Holy crap. Watch this person play Marble Madness:

Marble Madness was one of the few games I ever played with any regularity when I was a kid. I played the Amiga version a fair bit and I thought I was pretty good at it. I played quite a few "perfect" games at the hardest level and I was pretty quick too.

If I thought I was good at Marble Madness, all I need to do is to look at this video to understand very clearly that there are people out there who were/are a lot better at it than I ever was.


Bill McGonigle said...

Wow, was dying in the Ultimate Race part of his strategy or a mistake?

kdc said...

I think this was a mistake.

I just admire the skills of this player because he/she took lines in the game that I've never thought to try.