20 December 2008

Seen after the ice storm

So, during the aftermath of the storm, as I was sitting in the parking lot of the local giant hardware store, I observed the following: guy parks his minivan in front of me. A few seconds later a woman in another minivan parks next to him. Her van has the kids in it; these two are obviously husband and wife or otherwise involved.

So, after the husband gets done talking to the wife, he finds a cart in the parking lot and proceeds to the back of the his van. The entire time he was walking around I was thinking to myself "gosh, this guy has a 'I am doing something stupid' look on his face".

Anyways, the guy gets to the back of the van, opens the back, and starts unloading various heaters from the back of the van into the cart. He unloaded at least six electric and propane heaters from the back of the van into the cart. Each one appeared to be used, because he had to place each of them back into their original box. This whole operation took a while. He had so much stuff he had to make two trips!

I couldn't believe this guy. What a jerk! The previous night had been very cold, so this guy went to the hardware store, bought a bunch of heaters, USED THEM, and now he was returning them (he must have gotten his power back). In effect, this guy was making everything in the store more expensive for all of the people (like me) who had bothered to prepare for events like ice storms and power outages.


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